Reminiscing in Heidelberg



And to explain why we did not go to the Mosel Valley was because we could not figure out which train to take and we were fed up and since I’ve been to Heidelberg before I recommended we go there. We walked around the whole city which can easily be done in a day. We did the Philosophical’s Walk up a mountain to get a better view of the city. I totally recommend the walk, its really nice and easy to walk up and it has the most spectacular view of the city and the castle. Its even nice to go when the sun is going down, the lights at the castle go on and its really somethin’ to see. When I was here the year before I loved it and could see myself living here but the tourism really takes over during the summer months.

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The hotel we decided to stay in when we first arrived here was pretty expensive I believe it was 90euro. Sometimes you have to spend the money to get a good nights rest to go on. But after one night we already had a cheap hostel booked in another part of the city, so why not enjoy the fluffy cloud-like pillows and no roommates!


The next day we trekked up the infamously steep hill up towards the castle. It does not seem that bad but it literally has a rail on the side to help people up the hill.While walking up the hill, a group of Japanese tourists stopped my cousin and gestured to take a photo, but they wanted a photo with us. It was bizarre, I do not know if it was because my cousin has a mohawk or not but it was weird. We took a tour of the castle and this time around I actually listened to the tour and it was really interesting. Our tour guide, I remember was hilarious. I learned the French had destroyed most of the castle but lightning did the rest. Each section of the castle belonged to a group of people, the main part was for the women and children while other sections were for servants and soldiers. After the castle tour we came down for bike ride and lunch. We talked over lunch where to go next and since I had a good friend of mine in Vienna, whom I have not seen since my last tour in Europe.


Today was the day we had to leave the inner city of Heidelberg and move to the outskirts. For the money its worth it but it is a bit boring and hard to get around. We arrived at a youth hostel which was next door to the zoo, so we heard all the animals through the night which was kind of cool. I was excited to have the room to myself this time. Men and women were separate in this hostel, some are mixed but it is nice once in a while to be alone or with other women. I remember being bored to tears at there because there was not much to do but go to the zoo and how much can you really see or do at a zoo before you have seen it all. Also we were in the middle of a massive heatwave across Germany and it was BRUTAL.



The last day in Heidelberg, I was pretty hell bent about getting out of there. We had spent 2 days here and I was getting cabin fever. I did not get sleep the last night there because the Euro Cup was on and Germany was playing and they won. The walls were shaking from the bar in the lobby of people cheering and stomping up and down. Also a peacock broke out of the zoo. Not joking. It sat on the window sill above my floor and made its “call”. It sounds like a dying cat, a loud one. Oh and I had a new roommate that night too who was pretty sketchy. She sat there alone and did not speak to me, not “Hi” or anything. So I could not wait to get out of there.

My cousin Chris was at the bar during the Germany game with his roommate Ludwig and he offered a ride to Munich, which was not on our list but what the hell its a free ride!

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