My Favorite Accidental Find



It took us a long time to get here. We had to change buses and after traveling for a long time we were exhausted and needed a place to stay, so the last stop we got off at was Hallstatt. This tiny little village which could be walked through in a couple hours is a long the lake with beautiful alps in the background. Little restaurants with outside dining and fresh food right from the lake, was out of this world. It was the dead of summer so a lot of tourists were there but despite that it is so worth going to see. I do not like the big bustling cities, so little places in the countryside near the mountains is where I like to spend my time.


I have a little bit of a morbid personality and I love seeing different catacombs, any city we were in I always checked to see if one was around. Luckily for me, Hallstatt does have one. It was a small one but it was filled with skulls which dated back to the 1700s, the most recent skull was last put in there in 1995 and you can see the woman’s gold tooth. . . Creepyyy!




The next day my cousin Chris and I went to the salt mine tour and we were given pretty cool uniforms to wear on the way down.



We had  a day to lounge around and it was not too nice outside so we decided to go paddle boat around the lake. Hallstatt is so picturesque. You kinda get sucked in and don’t want to leave, in a good way.





We are on our last day of Hallstatt before we head to Vienna. I could have stayed here another week. After 4 days it was time to move on. If you love nature, the alps and quaint little village then this is the place for you. For couples, its a great place for romantic stay. I highly recommend this place. Its one of a kind. 🙂


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