Romantic Weekend In Montreal


For my boyfriend’s birthday we decided to go Montreal since it was our first time going there. We’ve heard so many great things about it and wanted to check it out for ourselves. We wanted to take the train up there since I researched it’s one of the top 10 most beautiful train rides in the United States.  Since it was only a long weekend, we didn’t have the time to endure the train travel. That will be for next time, so we drove which was only about 5hrs from us. It was beautiful!

11753270_10204758271139906_3455129269179069806_nThis was our first travel trip together and I couldn’t wait to see what awaited us. The countryside of New York is beautiful lined with luscious trees and mountains. We drove late after I got out of work so we can already be up there. We stayed in a beautiful home I found on Airbnb, which was nestled in the old city of Montreal. It was a triplex that was walking distance to almost everything but we had my car so we were able to drive around too. If you want to stay with Ellie and Patryck check out their gorgeous apartment. They were wonderful hosts. 11796263_10204761041569165_3156434746091990459_n

We woke up and had breakfast at a local spot down the street and we were thinking of what to do for the day. I researched about and found the Montreal Biodome. Erik and I are a bit nerdy for space exploration or anything space related so I was elated to find out they had a planetarium. We also went to the top of the Montreal tower where we had a beautiful view of the city. I had planned a big surprise for his birthday but he still had no idea what it was and it was driving me crazy to not say anything just yet.


View of Montreal at 165m.




At the top of the Montreal Tower.


If you have the chance to check out the Biodome, I highly recommend it. We saw the shows in the planetarium and it was on the recent pictures received from Pluto and the other show was on blackholes, it was great. While we were waiting on line for the show, I told Erik that I bought us tickets to see Dave Chappelle tonight. He didn’t believe me but his reaction was the cutest thing. We were in Montreal at the best time during The Comedy Festival and every big name comedian was in town doing shows. I knew Erik always wanted to see Dave Chappelle and it was nice to be able to do something for him to cross off his bucket list.

Trying to find the theatre where he was performing was a nightmare. There were so many shows going on around town that he was hard to figure out which theatre he was at. We were running around and asking each theatre since we had to find the box office to pick up the tickets. When I originally bought the tickets, they told me they do not email confirmation emails nor did they tell me which theatre it was so it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I was growing anxious and upset that we were going to be late for the show. The show started at 930pm and it was getting close to 10pm. When I finally found someone who knew where to go they told us it was through here, which happened to be a festival with hundreds of people. I thought, “we’re never going to make it.” But we just pushed through the crowd and eventually got to the theatre. When we arrived at the door, relieved that they haven’t closed them yet, they said we had to go around the corner to pick up tickets at the window. I was like, my god, it was so damn difficult to get the tickets. But we arrived and perfectly on time for the last warm up comedian to finish before Dave Chappelle came out. He was amazing and it was surreal to see him in person. Erik was really happy and we had a great time.



We wanted to have a night out since we heard the nightlife in Montreal is amazing. We went to this club called BLVD44, it was the shit. The music was great, the atmosphere and most importantly the drinks were good.


Collage 2015-10-03 14_35_27


It was a great night filled with laughter, drinks and lots of love. We really enjoyed our time in Montreal and would definitely go back again but for a longer period of time. We wanted to see more of the party scene but didn’t have much time.


The day before we left we went to Mont Royal park to take a Sunday stroll before driving back home. It was huge but it was beautiful and the weather was wonderful with the sun shining and seeing couples walking and people running through the park.



We had one more lunch in another part of Montreal before heading back home. We did not want to leave but it was a nice little getaway that isn’t too far of a drive from home. We will definitely be visiting Montreal again.

Heading home.
Heading home.



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