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How can you not love these beautiful people!?

Kamri, the woman on the far right was the one my friend Kyle Cease and I met during our short trip for his event. Kyle and I eat pretty healthy and we weren’t sure if we were going to find a healthy place to eat but we found a RAW VEGAN place called Nucleus Raw Foods in Luzerne, PA. Kamri was a big ball of light with a huge smile on her face, you couldn’t help but feel connected to her and this place.
When we first arrived we wondered why there wasn’t a sign outside their restaurant, well there was but it was tiny and hard to see from the street. Kyle and I thought this place can use a big beautiful sign. Kamri told us they want their place to be word of mouth. Kyle and I fell in love with her and said ok, we get it. So the word is, you MUST go to Nucleus Raw Foods.

Nucleus Raw Foods is a hidden gem. The restaurant is cute and relaxing. Their menus are so adorable. They are printed on brown paper bags with an array of smoothies, juices, appetizers, sandwiches, spaghetti and much more yummy foods.

Their mission:

“At Nucleus, we prepare live, natural food at gentle temperatures that will leave you feeling fresh. Our products are flavorful, nourishing, made with organic ingredients, and will treat your body with respect. Allow us to help you regain your connection with nature by including our raw food at the nucleus of your diet.”


The food was delicious, our bodies soaked up the raw nutrients in the meals and juices we had. I highly recommend the marinated zucchini, which is marinated with their house dressing with onion, red pepper and greens. I could not stop eating it. Blissfully scrumptious. And then I had the apricity juice which consisted of orange, grapefruit and apple. Overall, you pretty much can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. You can tell it was made with love and that’s enough for me. We felt almost high on nutritious raw food, Kyle and I had unbelievable amounts of energy after eating here. I know if him or I are ever in the area, we will definitely go here again.

Some of their delicious meals.
Some of their delicious meals.


So, the word is you MUST go to Nucleus Raw Foods. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much Kamri for a wonderful meal and amazing experience in your restaurant.

Information/Photo credit: Nucleus Raw Foods

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