Ultra Compact Micro-Terry Towel



I freaking LOVE this travel towel. It also comes with a travel toiletry bag! First of all, I can’t remember when I bought this but I believe it was around 2008 when I was embarking on my first backpacking trip to Europe. Regular towels are too bulky and only had weight to your luggage. This towel is super light and folds up easily. The toiletry bag folds up nicely too when you’re not using it. The snap loop feature is great because even though this towel dries incredibly fast, you can also hang in wherever you’re traveling to air it out.

Lounging by the pool with my McNett Compact Towel.

The toiletry bag is my favorite feature because it too also has a snap loop at the top. When I was traveling and staying in hostels it was perfect to bring with me and hang on a shower hook. Recently, I was traveling in Israel where it finally broke but I love this bag way too much that I sewed the loop back together. That’s EIGHT YEARS! The towel is still ticking and I travel with it all the time.

I highly recommend this product because it’s lightweight, travel friendly and lasts forever.

Photo Credit: McNett Tactical

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