Traveling The World: How To Get Around On A Modest Budget

Looking to travel the globe, but not sure you can afford it? We can help. It’s possible to go and see world without a huge budget to support you. You’ve just got to know where you can make those all-important savings to stretch your trip out another week or two. To do so, we’ve gathered some handy tips for making the most of your money:


  1. Be prepared to sacrifice


Before your big adventure, you got to be prepared to make some sacrifices at home. That means you won’t be going out for dinner or drinks much, and you’ll have to get creative with Christmas and birthday gifts. When you’re saving to go travelling, there’s no time to be extravagant. The money you spend on takeaways or clothes, for example, could pay for a week’s stay somewhere amazing. Start to prioritise early on.

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  1. Forget about 5 star accommodation


When you’ve been on holidays before, you might have stayed in fancy all-inclusive resorts. But such trips are short for a reason – they’re expensive. So forget any ideas you had about staying in luxury accommodation and start researching the best budget places. In CTI’s guide of how to make your pennies last the distance, they suggest hostels, campsites, Airbnb and couch surfing as the ideal way to get “the best bang for your buck.”


They also add that such places can actually be the best way to travel because you get to meet and mingle with people from all around the world. They could even tell you about secret locations and places to visit that aren’t listed within a travel guide.


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  1. Eat away from the touristy places


It’s a reality in most countries that you’ll pay more for food and drink near tourist attractions. People take advantage of the fact not everyone knows how much food usually costs – so be prepared to walk out a bit in order to get a good deal.


Or how about trying some street food? You’ll get an authentic experience and save yourself a fortune when compared to a sit-down meal. Plus there’s street food all around the world – here’s 40 global dishes from Uncornered Market to get you going. Just make sure you buy from stalls where you see many locals visiting. Use them as guides to avoid those places every traveller fears – the ones that make you ill.

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  1. Get digitally savvy


It’s likely you’ll take a smartphone travelling with you. So use it to make your budget last longer by following and liking your favourite travel sites, airlines and hotels on Facebook or Twitter. That way, you’ll get alerts on the latest deals. You can also start chatting to other travellers and get their tips on cheap local places, as well as contact home if you’d rather some local currency for your up-coming birthday.


You don’t want your phone to end up costing you a fortune though. Luckily, Nomadic Matt has got everything you need to know about taking your phone abroad.

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Have you got any more money-saving tips? Share them with us.

Written by Jordan Greene. 

“You can call me Dan. I’m a backpacker and a self-taught cook. I’ve been to a few countries, mostly Asia and Europe. I write articles as a part-time job. I have two lazy dogs, a pug (Bingo) and a husky (Reese).”

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