Synopsis: Spiritual Nomad: A Journey Within And Abroad is about the trials and tribulations of being a young shy girl struggling with anxiety who yearns to see the world. A surprise opportunity comes her way to visit Europe for 20 days alone. Europe crumbles the wall she hid behind, and she slowly learns how to be confident and letting her voice be heard. Europe stole her heart, and a promise she made to herself to go again the following year alone and stay longer. She came back to America a new person, ready to conquer more of her fears and continue to see the world. Unfortunately, life throws her an unexpected curveball when a traumatic event with her brother shakes her to her core. Anxiety takes over and she finds it difficult to find the strength to go on and questioned everything. She struggled to leave the house and her fire for traveling was slowly burning out. As she began to emerge from a dark place and embarked on a journey within to love herself again and learned to embrace her anxiety, at home or abroad. She lusted to find love and feared no one could love a traveler. She welcomed the lessons life had to offer: the good, the bad and the ugly. Over ten years of traveling to fourteen countries, road tripping through the United States, Europe and Costa Rica. Each place she visited had a spiritual message to learn from and take home. Committing to being a Spiritual Nomad meant accepting the adventurous journey with all it’s bumps in the road and learning not to be afraid when shit got uncomfortable.

(Spiritual Nomad: A Journey Within and Abroad will also be available in Spanish)