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My target audiences are 100% organic, no buying followers or bots here.

I specialize in budget travel, adventure travel, solo travel, foodie, nature/outdoor travel, personal development and anxiety. The inner Jersey Girl in me doesn’t hide from the truth and I give my readers a view into my travels whether it’s good or bad.

Traveling Jersey Girl was started in 2012 and has seen significant growth through posts/articles as well as my new ecommerce store Spiritual Nomad.

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Press & Social Media Trips:

I currently am accepting sponsored trips. Whether you are promoting a product, travel tour or adventure tour, I am an experienced travel blogger and my readers always appreciate my feedback of the next hotspot place to visit. Tourism boards and personal development products are welcomed too!

Guest Post/Article Writing:

If you think I can offer some insight or advice with a topic you are trying to promote, please reach out.

Sponsored Posts:

I review products, travel tours, hotels/hostels, adventure tours and other travel services that you think I may be interested in. Please note, I write honest reviews for my readers. If you’re interested, please email me for my rates.

Custom Itinerary:

I have over 12+ years of travel experience. I’ve planned every trip I’ve taken whether it’s solo or with a partner. I enjoy researching places to see and things to do with a little off the beaten path flare. I will customize an itinerary personalized for what you want to do and see. Check out my recent trip to Austin for an idea of what I planned and that was only a taste. If you’re interested please visit my shop to purchase your customized itinerary!

How to get in touch with me:

Email me at traveljerzgirl (at) gmail (dot) com

Want to contact me old school and snail mail me? I love writing letters & getting mail. :)

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