A traveler embarks on a journey both physically and spiritually. Whenever you contracted the travel bug, you decided to make traveling and exploring our world your mission. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced traveler, we all know it isn't easy. Sometimes it's scary to travel to another country alone, to try a new food, to not know the language and be completely lost.

The story behind Spiritual Nomad started long before I could remember but on my first solo trip to Switzerland in 2014 solidified my idea. I moved to Switzerland to live and work. I had a difficult time integrating into a new culture, trying to fit in with the group of people I haven’t seen in over six years and being so far away from home. I felt like because I was traveling the world and staying in beautiful places I couldn’t complain. No one seemed to understand especially my friends and family back home. After a few months of trying to make it work, I decided to head off to Italy to try again.

Nothing would ever prepare me for what I experienced in Pisa. I was sexually assaulted by a hostel owner. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I felt alone, defeated and homesick. I felt like a failure that I was “quitting” my dream of traveling the world to go home.

Looking back now, I wish I had reached out to someone to comfort me. I wanted a friendly face, someone I could talk to without judgment or explanation and be accepted with love. I came up with the idea to make t-shirts for Spiritual Nomad.

Let me explain. The idea is for you to buy two shirts; one for yourself and the other to give to a friend; now you know you’re not alone. If you ever see anyone with a Spiritual Nomad shirt or product, you’ll know you both are on the same page, like an friendly ally you can reach out to without judgment or explanation.

A Spiritual Nomad is a life choice and it may not necessarily mean traveling for you. It's any journey you are on. A nomad by definition is a person who does not stay long in the same place. Traveler or not, as people we are constantly evolving. Everything around is always changing whether you want to be aware of it or not.

Committing to be a Spiritual Nomad means you will go on your journey with many bumps in the road but you'll hop over them because obstacles will only propel you to the next phase. Spiritual Nomads are courageous creatures. We feel fear but we go anyway because our inner intuition is guiding us.

We are not naive to the fact we are human. We have our days of utter doubt and we allow those times to take us down but only for a moment in order to get back up. In other words, we're pretty much badasses.

If you vow to being a badass, I want you to carry some of that badass-ness with you wherever you go. I want to remind you of the journey you’re on and the many adventures you will seek. And no matter how hard it may get, know you’re apart of a global tribe of people who are on the journey just like you.

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