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Stop 10 Stepping Into The Future

Stop 10 Stepping Into The Future

What does 10 stepping mean exactly?

Well I had a conversation with a wonderful man in my life who actually was calling me out on not being present and enjoying the moment we were having.

I wasn't sure if him and I would work because of our very different lifestyles. I was already 10 steps ahead when we were on step 2. I was so far ahead in the future that I was not enjoying what I had right in front of me.

We are having a wonderful time, so why worry about something that is not an issue. Our egos love to create problems that are not there. And most of the time what our egos tell us is not true. And in my case, it was very wrong.

10 Stepping Equals Self-Sabotage

When you are not present in the moment you create imaginary problems which lead to ruining your current situation. When you become self aware that you are jumping ahead; you can recognize it, pull back, breathe and enjoy the moment.

Whether its starting a new relationship, a new job or taking that leap to travel, anything new in life is always going to be a little bit scary at first. You will feel out of your comfort zone and that's the most beautiful part. That feeling when you are scared means there is possible growth to be made.

As much as I'm telling you this advice, I'm also telling this to myself.

Stop overthinking.

You know the saying, "Stop and smell the roses".  Yeah, well, do that!

Embrace the moment in front of you. Things will work out the way they are supposed to. Let go of control and follow your intuition. It'll always guide you in the right direction.


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The Best Things Are Always Unexpected

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