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Traveling Jersey Girl is about being unapologetically authentic. I travel the world telling stories; the raw and uncut version. 

Do You Have The Thirst For Travel?

Do You Have The Thirst For Travel?

What’s wrong with you?!?

I’ve come across those that don’t quite understand my choices in life. Why I dare to put myself out there when there is absolutely any reason to do so. At times they probably think I’m crazy, I look from my perspective and think of them quite the same!

In my time spent on this planet I’ve been able to take part in some pretty great experiences. Running about in the jungles of Guatemala with the Mayan Ruins as my backdrop. Feeling the cool mist as the thunderous roar of Niagra Falls is felt in your ears. Looking into the cold night of a vast Kuwaiti desert not quite understanding how you got there, but, enjoying the experience on a deeper level of existence.

All of these experiences in life have brought me to my life’s reality, what I am, what I care to be in this world….an Explorer, a Traveler.

When I was younger I can vividly remember riding in the backseat of my parents’ car. I sat beside my siblings and I would just look out the window, for no particular reason I just liked the experience, the view of my surroundings whizzing by!

It has been this very unexplainable sensation that fuels my present adventures. I don’t quite fully understand why I choose to go out and explore the world. Perhaps it’s a sense of curiosity? Perhaps I’m looking for something?  Perhaps I’m lost?

To me I could never truly explain this thirst for travel, but I carry it with me everyday like it has etched a permanent residence in my brain. It has become a part of me in the very same way I have become a part of it.

For those reading this and understanding my point of view I will see you somewhere in this world, after all like they say….

“It’s a small world!”



Jeremy runs Viaje a website where he shares his positive attitude with the world. He aims to live life to the fullest and contribute to the world “that has given me so much.” At the moment he is involved in volunteer work both locally and abroad.

He is also in the process of starting a new apparel line which encompasses his passion of life. Currently living in the Northeast he is raising his little Global citizen while enjoying life as it comes.

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Curious about what I said? Then go to Viaje to find out! :)

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