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My Moment Is Here And I'm Afraid To Go

My Moment Is Here And I'm Afraid To Go


Us travel bloggers spend many months and years preparing for our round the world trips. We research, work to save money, connect with other travelers and all to get inspiration for when our moment comes. Well ladies and gentleman, my moment has come and I don't know what to do with it.

I have been waiting for this moment since 2008 and now I'm finally graduated from college and now I'm afraid to take the jump. Aren't we supposed to love the unknown? We travelers live for unknown destinations, people we haven't met yet, new things we haven't tried yet. And still, I cannot understand why I'm nervous to let go.

I've done way crazier shit like canyoning in Switzerland or hanggliding off a cliff and yet I cannot make plans for a trip because I'm nervous?! Silly, right?

Well, since I've been in Los Angeles for the last few days for a seminar learning on how to stay in the moment, let go of fear and follow your gut. I've been on such an emotional high the last three days listening to legends speak at Kyle Cease's Event, like Kelly Carlin (daughter of George Carlin), Glenn Morshower, Dick Gregory and many more. They have been through so much in their lives, careers, relationships and yet they do not allow fear or struggle stop them from achieving their goals. So why should I?

We become so conditioned to ask people for advice and get permission for something we already want to do.

"Do you think I should go?"

"If this were you, what would you do?"

Why do we ask those questions? We already know the answer. I was always taught to go with my "gut" feeling on everything. And most of the times I do, but who doesn't have that little stupid voice inside your head telling you...

"Are you sure you want to do this?" 

"Is that really the right choice?"

"Maybe its not a good idea"

"Don't do it."

And sadly, that voice usually wins because it becomes a vicious never-ending cycle. Then comes the people who live their lives with regret after the fact and wish they made that initial "gut" choice. We look on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and become envious of other people's lives and get annoyed they are having a better life than you. We CAN have the life we want and we should not be afraid to leap. As Kyle said during the seminar, "Leap and the world will throw you a net." I absolutely believe that.

Before coming to his event, I did not know much about him only what a good friend of mine had told me. I saw one video and found he was doing an event and bought the ticket without even having a flight out to Los Angeles. I did not know how I would get there nor did I know where I'd stay. But I still made it out here and I was just as nervous as I am now about another spontaneous unplanned trip I have been offered. The only thing I could say is I don't regret coming here and I'm glad I did it even though I was scared to make that jump.

I guess what I'm trying to say to you and to myself is that nothing bad can come out of a spontaneous trip. What's the worst that could happen? You have fun? You meet great people? You did something you never thought you would do?

I don't know if I'm only speaking for myself or other travelers out there but we all get a little scared sometimes to try something that could be life changing. Even the biggest travel bloggers out there I'm sure had/have their moments. We live great lives but we must not forget we are human. We cannot resist the opportunities that are being thrown at us; it is those moments where regret becomes the worst side effect of not listening to your "gut" instinct.

The takeaway? If it feels right, do it and embrace the uncertainty.

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