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A Bittersweet Goodbye

A Bittersweet Goodbye


I came to Switzerland with no plan, no job lined up or a place to live. A friend of mine let me stay with him for a few days until I found something. The hostel I stayed at six years ago, took me in immediately. The owner and the manager were very helpful and even let me live there as well. I am deeply grateful for them doing that for me. This where I lived at the first hostel.

I want to be honest about my experiences and I intend to do so. It was not an easy transition at first but I speak of that in my 2 month update blog. I want to keep things positive as I leave Switzerland.

Working at the hotel I once stayed at during my holiday six years ago was different, of course. It wasn't something I truly enjoyed, like I thought I would. Some of the people I had tiffs with and some I loved. But I knew I wasn't 100% happy with working there, so I left. It's different when six years ago, I was backpacking and partying, now I was working in the hostel which changed my priorities. But I did learn new things working there like bartending, which I never did before. It was a great experience to learn how to make drinks and get better acquainted with the Swiss currency. The bartender I worked with was always patient with me being I didn't know the language, the currency that well in the beginning, or the kinds of drinks people ordered but I got the hang of it. And he also made the night fun, so thank you for that.

Working in the bar and the breakfast buffet, helped me learn some more German. Some of the people who came into the bar didn't speak English so constantly hearing Swiss German helped me understand some of it.

I left the job to find something else a bit more out of the party scene. I found a job near the river on the other side of town. It's really quiet here and I get to wake up to the mountains every morning. I have a beautiful view. 10409523_10202292936868090_8360484208546128010_nIt was definitely so relaxing here, I did yoga outside and sometimes other campers would join me, which was fun. IMG_20140622_072056306Adam, Woody, Graham and Prof. invited me to go rock climbing in Unterseen, a little town over. It was something I've never done before and I loved every minute of it. It may even be my new hobby.

We had a killer rock climbing session!

I got to experience hang gliding again with the same company who took me six years ago, it was surreal to fly with you Ed. Thank you so much for the awesome flight. It was a lot of fun. If you are ever in Interlaken, check out their company Hang Gliding Interlaken.

Free as a bird

I fell in love with this place six years ago and I feel a little broken hearted only because its not the place I thought it was, not because of them but because of me. I'm different than I was six years ago.  Switzerland will always have a big piece of my heart, it's challenged me and provided me with the best of experiences. I will always be grateful for that.

I met lovely Swiss people who taught me about their culture and their way of doing things. I love that everyone has a garden here. Its almost weird if someone doesn't have one. When I take walks through the town, everyone's garden is always so big and full of flowers, veggies and herbs.


I enjoyed reconnecting with those who I knew from last time again, we all got closer. I also enjoyed getting to know new people here as well. I still love the sense of community, that part hasn't changed. Its one big family. We argue with each other sometimes like brothers and sisters but we move on and still love each other.

One big family

I loved seeing Switzerland for its beauty. If you come to Switzerland, the best way to see its beauty is by motorcycle. The windy roads and the huge mountains with natural waterfalls, its stunning. The water is so crystal blue, its hard to not fall in love with this place.

IMG_20140703_124001708_HDRI learned so much about myself here, like staying true to myself. And to not write blog posts when you are emotional, lesson learned. I learned I can do anything I set my mind to. Things will always work out in the end when you take big leaps. I appreciate every single person I met here both travelers and my friends. Everyone was willing to help out when needed and not just for me but for anyone. They all have big hearts.

I am out of work again, its nice to live rent free but I have no income and the jobs are filled right now. So its time for me to leave. I met these lovely girls from Couch Surfing, I took them around Interlaken and took them to the zip line park, Seil Park, which was so much fun! Its actually a good price too, only 37 francs and you can stay all day. We did the course a few times. But we came back to the place where I live and did a BBQ, we talked about our travels and the differences of home versus Switzerland. We loved hanging out so much that we made travel plans to have a girls trip in Italy, which is their next destination.

Seilpark Zipline course

BBQ time!

Alissa and Briana are now in Italy and we decided to have a little girls trip in Cinque Terre, Italy. I will be leaving Switzerland on Sunday to hang with them for a few days and then to Rimini where I have a job at another hostel managing their website and social media pages.

I will miss everyone here, it was wonderful to see you guys again and for those who I met this time around, it was nice getting to know you. Maybe I'll come back next season. I love you all.

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