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There Are Two Sides To Every Story

There Are Two Sides To Every Story


{Disclaimer} I went over this piece of leaving Switzerland and realized I wrote out of anger. I want to speak my mind freely and I did, but I don't want to hurt people. I obviously can't take back what I said and I apologize for name calling and negativity about Switzerland, I am more professional than that. Switzerland is a wonderful and beautiful place. And I met a lot of great people here. ----- I was truly upset about taking this down because thats not me. I feel as a travel blogger we are here to write to you about our experiences especially the good and the bad. Travel is not always sunshine and rainbows. Travel is tough and other days its absolutely wonderful.

I felt like me taking this post down was not being true to myself nor to my readers. I feel like I'm not being 100% real with you if I'm not telling you 100% of the story. Also, I did not want to allow a few people who were offended by my post to stop me from writing about my experience. It was my truth, that was what I experienced. If what I said wasn't true than they wouldn't be so upset about it. _______________________________________________

Switzerland, a place I was in love with for six years has broken my heart a little bit. I thought about Interlaken everyday for the past six years and I came back, it was great at first but I was not getting treated right at the job I had. They took advantage of the fact that I am not Swiss nor do I speak Swiss German. I do have an EU passport, so its not like I'm just there to get paid under the table and leave. I had a proper working/living permit and wanted to do things the right way.  I thought I would live here for good and travel to and from here.

Between being overworked and mentally strung along, it was both physically and mentally exhausting. Hence why in my other post, I thought about giving up and leaving this place. Which, I honestly should have. But everything happens for a reason.

I don't understand how some Swiss people can be unfriendly and yet live in this beautiful place. I get that they don't want their country overrun by tourists but when we are here, the least you can do is try to be friendly. It's a really beautiful country for foreigners to visit.

I couldn't take my job anymore and no amount of money will keep me at a job that I am not happy at. My happiness means more to me than anything. I woke up one morning so determined to quit that I walked right into work and told my boss, "I'm done." Its not good for me being unhappy there and not good for his business. I was caught off guard because they later asked me if I could work a shift later that night. I was like what? No, I just quit. Plus I was sick as a dog with bronchitis and did not want to bartend in a club filled with cigarette smoke. They were pissed I didn't go. It felt like I was not allowed to be sick. I am human, what do you want me to do? Be a robot? So that was the last straw and I felt so relieved to leave that place.

Now I am at a campsite where I was promised a cleaning job for the hostel rooms, I was getting a little concerned when I wasn't called in for work for a few days. Later I find out that they gave the job to someone else. Well, thanks for telling me. So the lady said, don't worry we'll find something for you to do. They said just help clean up the campground and that she'll have private work for me to do in her home. I assumed that was my job, I went to collect pay at for the time I worked in June and she changed it again saying I was living in my little house for free in exchange for working here for free. Thats not what they originally told me. It wasn't cool.

So I take this as a sign, Interlaken is not aligned with me anymore. It was rough the second I got here. Yes, I did enjoy it here, I met wonderful people but not to the point where my soul was telling me I have to stay here and actually it was quite the opposite. The people I know here from six years ago tried to convince me to stay but when my soul/intuition tells me its time to go, than its time to go.

I will miss the beauty of this place. The mountains are surreal. I can stare at them for hours and get lost in their essence.

My friend took me on his motorcycle around town.

Don't get me wrong, I did have a wonderful time here. I met really cool travelers that I may be friends for life. I met new friends from town who worked at other hostels who were very sweet. I tried things I never did before, like riding a motorcycle, rock climbing, drinking fresh glacier water from the streams, sailing etc. I learned a lot about myself and a stronger connection to myself. The more I resist something, the worse things get. My intuition never steers me in the wrong direction. I knew it wasn't for me after one month but I held out because I wanted to give it a chance. Some may still even say I didn't give it enough of a chance since being here in April til now. But I don't care what they think, they don't know how strong my soul and intuition is. I know when something is not aligned for me and vice versa.

Am I a bit sad, yes. But I know something better is coming over the horizon. I did not expect to get treated the way I did after knowing some of these people for so long. The first hostel I worked at, I helped managed their Facebook page from home. I promoted it as much as I could from home over the years. I did it truly because I loved the place, I still believed in it. I had a passion for it. And when I come back, thats how they treat me? I never asked for pay, I did it out of love for them and the hostel because I had great memories there. If thats how they repay people who are loyal and passionate about the place, than its no place for me.

Just because I have a bad experience does not mean I am not grateful. I appreciate everyone who helped me get integrated in this town. Especially the first hotel I worked at, they gave me a place to stay when I didn't have one and a job when there wasn't really any. I appreciate them for that. It was lovely to catch up with the friends I had from six years ago and the new ones I met. I will miss everyone, I have no ill feelings toward the place or anyone, I'm just a little disappointed.

I met awesome travelers who are going to Cinque Terre in Italy on Sunday. When I took them around town in Interlaken, we made plans to have a little girls trip in Italy. Now that this second job here fell out, I'm done with trying to make it work here. Its time to move on and a little girls trip in Italy is perfect. I will stay there with them for a few days and then head to Rimini where I have a job waiting for me. It won't be paid for the first month, if they like my work then they will hire me. So things will be a bit tight until then, I had a minor freak out moment but I know everything will be alright. It always does.

I met Briana and Alissa on couch surfing and took them zip lining.

If you allow your soul to guide you, you are putting all your trust into yourself and the universe that everything will work out. You give up control as to how to fix everything and just let it flow how it's supposed to. I'm apprehensive as to how this all will work but I know it will.

I'm very excited to start a new adventure in ITALY and to see my new traveling friends. Its going to be an amazing experience in another beautiful place. See you in Italy chicas!! CIAO!

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