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Camping At Watkins Glen

Camping At Watkins Glen


So camping in mid-October in upstate New York maybe wasn't the best idea. My boyfriend, my best friend and his boyfriend all wanted to go to Watkins Glen during this time of the year for the fall foliage, plus it's low season and we were hoping the falls would be less crowded. (They were!) We drove up separately and my boyfriend and I got there first. We tried to get there before dark so we can see what we're doing to set up the tent. When we arrived, it was starting to drizzle and we knew we had to hurry and get our shelter going. (Plus this was a good test for our relationship--setting up a tent in the dark and in the rain). It was surprisingly smooth sails and we were all set. My best friend and his boyfriend arrived shortly after and got their tent set up quickly. Luckily, his boyfriend was a boy scout.

But holy shit was it COLDDDDD! It was my boyfriend's first time camping so it was cute and funny to see him experience something new. We made our fire, drank some lovely vino to keep warm and watched the stars.


Camping in the cold was so worth it. Everything was GORGEOUS. No exaggeration.


We just camped near by the park so we were a 5 or 10 minute drive to the park, which was convenient. The town was adorable too. Typical small town with a main street filled with stores and restaurants.


The second night did us in. It was a lot colder the second night and we slept fully clothed with jackets, hats in our sleeping bags and trying to keep each other warm. The next morning, we were tired and our aching bodies from the cold were telling us to go get a warm meal. When you're cold, tired and hangry, we had little patience to wait for the fire to get going and we decided to get breakfast in town instead. Problem solved.

There's only nothing better than being in nature completely disconnected from the world with people you love.


So if you love nature and need to get away for a bit, go to Watkins Glen.

Camp sites are like 20$ for the weekend!

Melissa Rondeau from Wanderess Bleu

Melissa Rondeau from Wanderess Bleu

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