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Top 10 Things To Do in Maine

Top 10 Things To Do in Maine

My boyfriend and I are making it a tradition to go visit a place we've never been to for his birthday. Mainly because he has a summer birthday and the weather is always supah nice. But these are 10 things you must do when you visit MAINE.

1. Prepare to eat lots of Lobstah roll

I've never eaten so much lobster in my life and it's literally EVERYWHERE. It was a running joke of where was the weirdest place to find lobster roll; even McDonald's had it. I did a lot of research of "the best" lobster rolls in Portland. Our first stop was Portland Lobster Company and we were completely disappointed. The ambiance of being on the water, the live music, and beer was probably the only great thing about it. The seafood was not fresh despite being highly recommended.


Next was Ken's Place in Scarborough which an old school restaurant from 1927. We drove passed it all the time and the line was always out the door. After doing a 16 mile bike ride, a delicious lobster roll and an beer was what we both needed. It was the first lobster roll we had that was worth eating. The lobster was fresh and buttery stuffed in a hotdog bun. They win 2nd place on the list of best lobster roll. 


And for the first place winner of the best lobster roll is The Highroller Lobster Co.   I was surprised to find that it's not a restaurant but a small food cart on the side of the street. They had their famous cheese taco shell stuffed with lobster, which looked delicious. I had the classic lobster roll but they also had their homemade mayos to go with it. I choose jalapeño and lime mayo. I loved how everyone had their own version of the lobster roll but they took the cake. Side note: Prepare to wait a while but trust me it's worth the wait. 



2. Brewery Tours

Our first stop after driving 5hrs to Maine was hitting up the Allagash Brewery.  Starving and wanting to get out of the car, it was the perfect place to stop in Portland. All I need to say is FREE BEER. Yes, free beer to go on a tour and see how Allagash is made. Go do it! 


3. Old Port Arts District

Old Port is a historic area in Portland with cobblestone streets, lots of restaurants, shops and bars. It's chill vibe is relaxing to walk around and see the sights. 


4. Ride the Eastern Trail

We rented bikes with Fun and Sun Rentals in Scarborough, ME. And for 2 hours we rode bikes along the Eastern Trail on a low-level terrain through the marshlands and forests. Plus the prices were great if you are on a budget. 



5. The Holy Donut

 Holy is right. I've never heard of potato donuts until I came to Maine. Everyone raved about this place. I don't have a sweet tooth but when in Rome right? Well coming from someone who does not like sweets, these donuts are DELICIOUS. They are made with organic potatoes and they never use any artificial dyes or any fake stuff. All natural, wholesome, organic donuts. They also have vegan options which I thought was great too. If you're in town make this one a must do! 



6. Old Orchard Beach

Our Airbnb was right near Old Orchard Beach which is a standard boardwalk with rides and food stands overlooking the water. Growing up in Jersey all my life, I wasn't impressed. It reminded me of a small Seaside Heights. But we had a nice relaxing walk along the beach and looking at the shops. 



7. North Country Rivers Tour

We drove about 2hrs north to Bingham to go white water rafting with North Country Rivers. Despite almost dying a a couple times because I fell out of the boat, I had a great time and would do it again. The river guides were supah dupah fun and knowledgable. For the price it was worth being on the river for 4 hours and a big bbq lunch at the end. We chose the Kennebec River which was up to a category 4 rapids. We got to see the real country side and what Maine's beauty has to offer. 


8. Taco Escobarr

There isn't much open late at night which we thought was strange being that it was a Saturday night. We wanted to eat something before going out and someone suggested Taco Escobarr because it's the one of the only places open late. Probably the best authentic Mexican I've ever had. I wish I had the bartender's name but his passion for making drinks was inspiring and he recommended the delicious dishes. We wished we had more time to eat more.  So without a doubt go grab a late night snack at Taco Escobarr. 


9. Pearl Night Club

Again coming from the area we live (NYC), we are so spoiled with bars/clubs and restaurants staying open super late. There wasn't much to choose from but the bartender from Taco Escobarr was from the east coast and recommended Pearl Night Club to be one of the better lounges. The music was decent but it was mostly music from 2000s and it was fun to laugh and be silly to old music. The crowd was diverse and friendly. The one downside to nightlife in Portland is everything closes at 1am. So make sure you go earlier! The lights went on and they kicked everyone out, they blocked the streets and it was just a bunch of drunk people. There was only one pizza shop open and it was comparable to NYC pizza which is a compliment. 


10. Portland Head Light

On our way out we stopped at Portland Head Light because you can't come to Maine without seeing the lighthouses. It's a free activity which is always a plus when you're on a budget. It's great for families to relax and have a picnic with the ocean in the background. We didn't get to go up the lighthouse but we hiked around to marked viewpoints that were to die for. It was a perfect way to end our trip in Maine. 



Also another great town to check out is Poland where we get our infamous Poland Spring water.

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