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10 Things Not To Do On A Road Trip

10 Things Not To Do On A Road Trip

Road trips are the perfect blend of both journey as well as the destination; you cover more ground and visit more places as well as spend your time in the company of friends, family, and all good things. With an increase in advanced GPS systems, better roads and highways, and improved vehicles, road trips are fast becoming a rage. If you do intend to join the bandwagon, here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your safety without hindering the experience.

1.     Do not begin without a budget

Planning your budget should be your first step after you decide to go on a road trip. Do not overestimate or underestimate the money you will require on the trip. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for fuel, accommodation, food, and water. Search for hotels along the route you have chosen and shortlist them according to your needs. Based on this, you can figure out how much accommodation will require from your budget. Similarly, make an estimate for the amount of fuel you will need for the entire trip (both ways). Also, keep a portion of your budget for any unplanned activities or purchases such as a roadside attraction or as emergency cash.

2.     Do not leave the house in a hurry

Once you have planned the budget, you need to begin packing to make sure you have everything you need. While road trips are somewhat of a spontaneous decision, do not leave the house in a hurry as you are very likely to forget to pack something vital. Keep in mind the route you are taking and the weather and activities expected on the same. For instance, carry outfits for the cold or rain if the area you are passing through is prone to such weather. Pack fitness apparel as well if you expect to perform intensive activities such as hiking or mountain climbing along the way.

3.     Do not pick a bad vehicle

Picking a good vehicle is vital to any road trip. Pick a good suitable vehicle on the mileage it offers, passenger comfort, driver comfort and flexibility, durability and ability to go off roads. Hatchbacks are usually avoided as they offer a minimal boot space. Use roof racks to secure your luggage without cramping the car. Keep in mind safety measures in vehicles such as airbags and traction control. If you do not own a suitable vehicle, rent one that is not only good but also comfortable for you to drive. Check forums such as Road Trip America to shortlist a good vehicle for your trip. Check your vehicle for tire pressure, gas leaks, battery, and air conditioning before you leave.

1.     Do not drive when tired

One of the most critical aspects of a road trip is to ensure that no one is driving when they are near exhaustion. Do not splurge on coffee to stave off exhaustion and continue driving. Driving while exhausted is, unfortunately, a very common cause of road accidents. Alternate the role of the driver between your travel buddies while the others can catch up on sleep in the back. Schedule enough breaks and stops to ensure that everyone stays fresh and active. Avoid pulling all-nighters as bad visibility also factors into these situations.

2.     Do not stick to the highway

While sticking to the highway is a safer option to avoid getting lost, the spirit of a road trip is in its scenic views and adventure-filled experiences. Going off the highway onto side roads increase your chances to find and capture beautiful scenes as well as spot wildlife. If you have a vehicle capable of doing so, go off-road in an attempt to truly embrace the wild side.

3.     Do not only eat fast food

A common tendency for travelers on road trips is to binge on fast food from drive-throughs or department stores and skip regular meals. You do not want to feel bloated and listless throughout your fun trip and then return unhealthier than when you left. Pack healthy snacks like energy bars, digestive biscuits from home and stop for regular meals at restaurants or at the hotels you intend to stay in. 

4.     Do not forget to follow rules

If you are traveling to another country, ensure you are well versed in the rules and regulations enforced there. If biking, wear a motorcycle helmet as some countries make it mandatory and for safety. Do not drink and drive. Do not indulge in racing or speeding on roads as not only is it illegal, you are more than likely to injure yourself and others around you while doing so. These measures could save you from a hefty fine or a night in a cell.

5.     Do not pick a boring travel companion

Most of a road trip is spent in traveling. If you are stuck in close proximity with someone you dislike, your road trip is very unlikely to be fun or enjoyable. Pick a close friend or family that you get along with well and share similar taste in music, food, and entertainment. You will be sharing all these experiences and it is vital that everyone involved enjoy them for a successful trip. 

6.     Do not expect facilities throughout the journey

While packing, make sure to carry essentials such as medicines, first aid, batteries, and a power bank as you are not always going to have access to these items on the road.

7.     Do not rely on a single map or GPS

Carry a physical map of the roads you intend to travel on as well as use GPS apps and Google maps. Together, they ensure you stay on known roads even in the case of bad network and low battery. Further, you are more likely to find attractions that may be present on one map but not the other.


All in all, while your safety and preparedness are important, do not forget to have fun on your road trip.


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