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5 Reasons Travel Makes You A Happier Person

5 Reasons Travel Makes You A Happier Person

A few days ago, I bumped into a long lost friend. I confess I would not have recognized him, had he not made efforts to remind me of all the nasty things we, as teenagers, had done to him. I was surrounded by the visions of a grumpy fat kid who was avoided by his peer group and who hated everyone for that matter. I was conscience-stricken. Before I could offer an apology, I was struck dumb with the strong sense of spunk in his body language. He was no longer the kind of guy I remembered him to be. To be precise, he had metamorphosed.

He appeared prepossessing with a fit athletic-like body and his smile had a magical aura. The pangs of curiosity dug deep, and I could not help asking what caused such a drastic transformation.


He sat me down and narrated how a random chance of travel got things rolling and turned him into wanderlust. His eyes glistened with joy as he elaborated on his love for travel that made him a happy man he is today.


Living in a cocoon, for a considerable amount of time of my life, it all sounded too good to be true. I had to experience this bliss and witness the magic myself. I took a sabbatical and set off for diverse journeys, some known, some unknown. Owing to my experience of a decade now, I can assuredly vouch for travelling as the ultimate catalyst for lifting your spirits and letting you bask in everlasting delectation.


To demonstrate how exactly that happens, allow me to explain with the help of a few insights.




  1. Breaking the routine

Doing anything repeatedly, as a part of your routine, tends to rob you off of your happiness, and you begin to feel caged and miserable. To get out of that mundane time-table, people, apparently turn to resorts like catching up with an old friend or going shopping etc. These provide them with a sense of cheeriness, no matter how short-lived that may be.

The bottom line is that if such quick fixes can make you rejoice, imagine what a week or a month or even a few days of ‘not-following-your-daily-life-routine’ can do to your mind and soul.

So take a temporary break out of your set pattern. Getaway, set yourself free and explore new horizons. Try new dishes, visit new towns, commute differently and I promise, on your way back, you would be a much happier soul!



2. Meeting new folks

You would agree that social interactions make us happier. But being at home or work, we are confined to a handful of people belonging to that defined area only. It limits our social circle, thereby narrowing down our chances of meeting new people and making new friends. But while you are out on a junket, you horizons expand and so do the possibilities of meeting people with diverse interests and personalities. Striking up a conversation with fellow travellers or locals, while sharing a ride on their KTM motorcycles or visiting a popular spot, is much easier than trying the same thing back home. Interacting with people with dissimilar cultures and backgrounds enhances your social circle as well as your knowledge about the world, hence giving wings to your happiness quotient.



3. Connect while you are away


We happen to appreciate our family and home the most when we are away from them. Being far makes you value what you already have. You begin to comprehend that the downright objective of having a family is to make you feel loved and accepted for what you are. When you miss the unconditional warmth and affection of your blood ties, you can seldom wait to reunite with them, making your home a happier place to be in.


4. Boosting your self-confidence

No matter how hard you plan your trips or tours, there is always a possibility of encountering unexpected circumstances that may arise out of nowhere for you to tryout to your problem-solving skills. Dealing with such unanticipated, yet inevitable twists, turns and being able to solve them tactfully, gives a massive boost to your self-confidence and enhances your inter-personal prowess. You are filled with a sense of self-sufficiency inside you and consequently, feel much happier too.



5. Know more and learn more

Travel allows you to relinquish the hustle and bustle of daily life and find some time to peep inside of yourself and figure out what makes you happy in real sense. A stress-free breathing space enables you to find peace and tranquillity inside your mind. Also, while on the go, you gain numerous experiences and take home bags of knowledge with you. In turn, you evolve into a better human being with improved discernment and souped-up levels of productivity. As a result, you feel enriched and overall, happier!


Final words…


Step out of your comfort zones, pack your bags at the first instance and escape to destinations that challenge your boundaries and augment your personality. Gain fresh insights and bring back precious memories that have the power to bring a smile on your face even decades later!



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