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Traveling To China Solo: 5 Tips To Save Money & Stay Safe

Traveling To China Solo: 5 Tips To Save Money & Stay Safe

If you love to travel and have multiple international destinations on your bucket list, chances are China is one of them. Of course, with political and economic tensions on the rise- you’re going to need to be smart if you’re traveling there anytime soon especially if you're traveling alone. So, here are five key tips for traveling to China on a budget, and in a way that won’t make waves.


1. Take the Train, Not the Plane

Most Chinese people use trains to commute and travel rather than use cars or fly. Folks spend a lot of time on trains, and trips can be long and scenic. That means you’ll experience a lot more of the culture by taking trains. Also, it’s much cheaper than air travel. China is big on trains, and you’ll be able to take in tons of China’s amazing natural and urban landscapes via train.


2. Stick to the Big Cities

Most of China’s big attractions are near or inside of a large metropolitan area. If you’re interested in the Great Wall, or the famous life-size Xi’an Terracotta army, you’ll need to set up accommodations in the cities that host their major access points. The bonus is that China’s cities have lots to offer, which means you’ll have unlimited opportunities to enjoy local cuisine and meet tons of interesting people. Travelers would also need to get a visa to China.

3. Consider Working as an English Teacher Abroad

For decades now, people have been predicting that Chinese will become the language of international finance and power. But English is still the dominant language of global trade, and Asian cultures appreciate this. So, westerners can almost always find work teaching young Chinese people to speak English. It’s a great way to get a work visa, and it guarantees you’ll have an income while you’re there for a more sustainable, prolonged visit.


4. Skip the Hotel, Use Local Hostels

Hotels are nice, but they are expensive. Like trains, hostels are the preferred way to stay away from home in China- and you’ll get a lot closer to the real people. If you have trouble sleeping around strangers, you might go to a hotel once in a while. But using hostels as your primary lodging will save you hundreds- or thousands of Yuan every week.


5. Avoid Pickpockets & Big Bank Fees

Traveling anywhere in the world using a credit or debit card is a good way to incur loads of banking fees. Also, pickpockets are a major problem in airports. The best solution is to use a travel card like Chase Travel. It will help you keep cash handling at a minimum- and fees are much smaller.

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Trigger Warning: Stop Using it.