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Don't Talk About It, Be About It

Don't Talk About It, Be About It

I decided to take a social media break because I grew tired of documenting every minute of my life. Updating what I’ve been up to, who I’ve been hanging out with, where I was traveling, the latest book I was reading etc. I was telling everyone what I was doing but was I really in the moment or was I caught up updating the world?

People’s lives are what they want us to see especially on social media. It’s very easy to portray a perfect happy life with pictures and posts. I’m not discrediting those who really are happy, but we get wrapped up in people’s lives and lose focus on ours. We start to compare, wonder “how come I’m not doing that”, “I wish I had that”, etc.

I chose to document less and experience more.

One main reason why I love traveling so much is because I’m disconnected with the world and connected with what is right in front of me. I am being about what I love to do and that’s traveling; connect with people on personal level.

Be about it.

Be a man/woman of your word. If you want to change something about yourself, don’t say you will, just do it. Your actions will prove itself. Choose to be a leader by example; people will follow suit. Your actions will speak volumes about your integrity.

Get connected.

(And I mean not in a social media sense).

Human to human connection is vital for our well being. For example, an elderly woman in a grocery store stopped me; She smiled and asked me to help her reach a bottle of orange juice because she was in a wheelchair and couldn’t reach. I left feeling good about interacting with her, she brought a smile to my face.

A single smile can make someone’s day.

Your journey is YOUR journey.

As I relay this to you, I say this to myself too. We compare our lives too much to others; social media doesn’t help. Everyone struggles in some way and that's their path. We only show what we want people to see. Even the seemingly happy people have their days; we are all human. Stop comparing your life to what other people are doing. Appreciate what you have now in this moment, you will get what you want and achieve your dreams. Trust your journey and where it's taking you.


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