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Creepy Hostel in Austria

Creepy Hostel in Austria


After a long day of travel, we needed a place to stay before we arrived in Vienna. I found this hostel from the info desk at our previous hostel. I thought the flyer looked cool and said, “Let’s go!”  

When we hopped off the train, let me tell you. It really was in the middle of nowhere. It was a tiny little train station with just open fields on both sides. The flyer said, “Call us and we’ll pick you up”. I tried the number and a man answered saying he will come get us. When we arrived at the hostel, it was kind of a disappointment because the flyer made it sound amazing with plenty to do and it was quite the opposite.

I don’t want to knock the hostel because it was a horrible place to stay, but it was a bit strange. I compared it to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre when the girl ran in for help and the people in the house were so friendly but in a creepy way. Maybe I watch too many horror flicks but the hostel workers gave off a strange vibe. The man took our passports which made me very uneasy because I was thinking you really do not need to hold onto it. He gave it back.

Then he told us, “Dinner is at 7pm sharp.”

I said, “Oh we can’t go out into town to eat?”

He said, “No, dinner is at 7.”

I was creeped out. And more strange things were to come. We were the only people in the hostel and I asked my cousin, “Whyyyyy did we book 2 days here?!” Half the hostel was under renovation and we could stay in our room. There was nothing to do but stare out the window. Dinner time came and we went down early to be polite and the woman who came up to take our order was a young blonde girl, possibly in her 20s. She was wearing a short sleeve shirt but I noticed her arms had all these marks. I didn’t want to make it obviously that I was looking but her arms were covered in marks that were very similar to cutting, or self-mutilation.

I whispered to my cousin “Can this place get anymore weird?”

My cousin said “Remember that movie Hostel”. I was said, “ha ha very funny.”

After our strange dinner, we went straight to our room and stayed there the rest of the night. A huge storm rolled in and since we were in the middle of no where, the lightning was really beautiful to watch.

The next morning, I went to ask the owner about the horseback riding that was mentioned in the flyer. His sister owned a farm with performance horses and he would try to arrange for me to go. Unfortunately, his sister had a tournament and the horses were unavailable. I decided to walk around the hostel and lay out in the sun.

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