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Melissa Rondeau from Wanderess Bleu

What does traveling do for you? 

"Traveling saved my life. For many of us, it’s easy to slip into familiar patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. The moment that I arrive in a foreign country, my eyes become wide open to change and transformation. Escaping for awhile allows me to consider new ways of relating to my things happening in my life. Being in a different country, gives me a different perspective. There was a time in my life that fear consumed me and it seemed that I was existing instead of really living. It took 10 years, to develop the courage for big solo female backpacking trips to exotic far away lands. Some countries can be intimidating and courage is required to explore!

I think solo female backpacking is the ultimate expression of being authentic and living a whole hearted life. Many women restrict travel because of safety concerns, whereas I feel empowered to push any boundaries that would restrict my freedom."