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The Best Things Are Always Unexpected

The Best Things Are Always Unexpected


"The best things in life are unexpected, because there were no expectations."

It's funny how things happen in life when you least expect it. When I struggled with anxiety all I did was expect things. I wanted to control everything that happened to me and that only causes more anxiety.

 No expectations leads to no disappointments, the less you expect from life and people the less disappointed you will be. It will bring excitement into your life, it's like getting surprise gifts that takes you on a new journey.

For me I was afraid of love.I used to push people away and or find something wrong with them in fear of not feeling free. I expected too much, I checked out too quick before giving the guy a chance, which only led to constant disappointments.

Learning to LET GO!

The best technique I give to people who struggle with anxiety is learning to let go. It's easier said than done but it is possible. Learning to let go of the control that everything has to go your way. Traveling has done that for me, it forced me to see that I can't control everything and that's okay.

I had the best experiences of my life when I let go of control. They were always beautiful unexpected surprises. Some may feel like bad experiences but don't take it as such, reframe your thoughts to see how it can be positive.

When your brain goes into "how to" mode, it automatically goes into creative mode which destroys anxiety's power.

Open to new opportunities

Letting go allows you to be open. You become an open portal for new experiences to help you grow and progress in your journey on this planet.

I've let go of the fear of falling in love with someone, it wasn't easy and nothing is ever black and white, it takes daily practice and self awareness to achieve your goal.

I met an amazing man who I can now be so proud and honored to have him as my boyfriend, my partner in life. When I realized how strongly I felt about him, I tried to sabotage it, not intentionally but those old bad habits creeped up again. He called me out on it. He put my ego and insecurities in place.

I realized he was right and I needed to be present. I had to stop 10 stepping in the future and be right here, right now.

In relationships, I always used to feel trapped. Trapped where I felt I couldn't do what I wanted in life or my travel plans would have to stop because who can date a nomadic traveler like me, but that only held me back from love when deep down that's all I ever wanted.

He accepts me for who I am and for the first time in a relationship, I feel free. 


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